At Divvee.Social, Your Opinion Matters. We reward you for downloading, Ranking & Sharing Mobile Apps, Product and Services (MAPS). Could it be that simple? Yes, and, Yes! Daily MAPS are sent to your DIVVEE Dashboard. Download them. Try them out. Give them a ranking of one to five stars. Share your favorites. Keep the ones you love. GET AWESOME REWARDS! Invite others to Rank & Share with you!


Become a Divvee Affiliate

Divvee is a social membership network that allows everyone to benefit from a little sharing. Whether you are a Divvee Affiliate or not, the idea is to bring everyone benefits just for being a part of the network.

The best part of Divvee is your opinion matters, and what’s best is you get rewarded for it.


Divvee Technology

At divvee.social we’re all about keeping connected. DIVVEE TAPP keeps you in touch with our Social Membership Network and makes it simple to invite your contacts, friends and others to Rank & Share with you. You do want to share the love, right?

Learn more about our technology and how it works for you.